YHVH Visualization on Deuteronomy 6:5

The following visualization that reveals the Godliness of each person was learned in person from Tzeitl Locher of Ameland, The Netherlands:

  • Sit opposite someone and let him/her know you are going to visualize the Yud Hey Vav Hey in his/her body and field of being while chanting the sacred phrase above.
  • While chanting this phrase to your partner, begin by seeing a glowing yud upon her forehead, then
  • See the light of the yud filling the mind of the person opposite you.
  • Visualize the hey of his/her shoulders, arms, and fingers filling with Shechinah energy (in Torah, God as the cloud that comes down and fills us with Spirit; in Kabbalah the energy of the Divine Feminine within self and creation).
  • Now visualize the top part of the vav touching and opening his/her heart and then filling the spine downwards.
  • Visualize the hey of his/her hips and legs filling with the shehina energy down to his/her toes.
  • Continue chanting until s/he is filled in this way a second time
  • Now have your partner chant this full sequence to you
  • Then simultaneously start to chant to each other
  • This is a way to fulfill the mitzvah found in Deuteromony 6:5, “to love G*d with all your heart, your soul, and all your resources.” Also a way to "shiviti Shechinah l'negdi tamid," "to place Shechinah always before me" a visualization of King David found in Psalm 16:8.
  • This can also be done alone, imagining someone you are concerned about who is far away, or focusing upon your own body.