Free MP3 "Liberating Ourselves"

Guided Passover Imagery

Deepen your Passover preparations through a spiritual lens by means of this mp3 visualization, "Liberating Ourselves," by Rabbi Joyce Reinitz. Duration: 1.5 minutes. (Text is below)

Rabbi Joyce Reinitz, also a psychotherapist, specializes in Jewish healing using the therapeutic guidance modalities developed by her honored teacher, of blessed memory, Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat. Her article on using imagery as a technique for spiritual growth is available in Seeking and Soaring: Jewish Approaches to Spiritual Direction. Rabbi Reinitz is available by appointment, to help you interpret your experience. Inquiries.

Liberating Ourselves

Close your eyes and breathe out 3X….See yourself as a slave.  Know that the Pharaoh enslaving you is none other than yourself. What are the ways you hold yourself hostage ?  How do you restrict your growth?  How do you constrict your consciousness?  BO ….NOW……empower yourself with the Pesach message of Freedom…..Liberate yourself….Break free from self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Expand your horizons….What are you doing?

Breathe out and slowly open your eyes…