Teachings: Spirituality For Lifecycle Rituals

Life can be very lonely without powerful life cycle rituals which gather your inner circle of friends and family during times of celebration, separation, maturation and mourning.

In this section of ReclaimingJudaism.org you will find teachings and resources concerning:

Birth & Loss: Discover Jewish rituals and prayers for making love, conception, Jewish baby naming, miscarriage, adoption and infertility rituals.

Marriage & Divorce: Spiritual preparation for a Jewish wedding, ritual immersion made meaningful, approaches to family understanding and forgiveness, management of interfaith family issues, Jewish same sex weddings, understanding the Jewish divorce process, the importance of a "get", adding spirituality to the Jewish divorce process. Special section for couples on how to attain and sustain spiritual intimacy.

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah: Thirteen sacred shifts possible to transform youth or adult bar/bat mitzvah into a healthy, meaningful and memorable rite of passage. How to write a remarkable d'var Torah (Torah teaching). Reclaiming and transmitting Jewish culture for your party and the sake of the Jewish future and it's great fun too.

Changes in Lifestyle, Body & Health: Discover Jewish healing practices and healthy rites for transitions such puberty and menopause, retirement, grand parenting, dealing with aging parents, etc.

Dying, Death, Funeral & Mourning: A complete traditional guide to the Jewish process for death and dying taught through the lens of the relevance, meaning, timing and implications of each practice.

Party-Planning: Our Greening Your Party Guide: simple, effective, ethical.