Teachings: Purim

Purim: The Masks Jews Wear

Note: This article is also attached in a pdf file in Hebrew, as it appeared in Israel.

Purim prepares every child for quick turns in reality, teaching very early that you cannot rely on government to be concerned for your welfare. Better to realize that cruel qualities are present in every human and too easily unleashed into society. The price of true freedom is indeed eternal vigilance, and Purim is a reminder that you, the individual, are always on guard duty.

Sample Story: Queen Esther’s Joy by Rabbi Naomi Steinberg

from Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning, Reclaiming Judaism Press

From Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning
Honored by the National Jewish Book Awards!

a story by Rabbi Naomi Steinberg

Example Story: The Dress, A Purim Fairy Tale

by Amichai Lau Lavie

The dress, blue and billowing, appeared out of nowhere and vanished right back. Maybe it never really existed? The facts don’t matter much. This is a different kind of knowing. The dress, a perfect fit, taught me the most unusual and subtle of Jewish commandments: Know yourself by transforming yourself: turn reality upside down, silly and sacred, for just one day a year. A mask of sorts, the dress transformed me into another, teaching me how to be my very self by being, briefly, not myself at all.

Being Queen Esther

Guided Purim Visualization

In less than a minute enter Purim consciousness. Enter the dilemma of Queen Esther and identify the relevance of your conflict within your own life during this audio experience led by Rabbi Joyce Reinitz, ACSW.