Teachings: Mitzvah Centered Living

Mitzvah is the primary Jewish lens for living. 

Mitzvah study and practice help us develop as individuals and as a people. Each mitzvah constitutes a category of Jewish spiritual practice that provides us ways of texturing our lives with meaningful actions ethical and life-shaping ritual actions.

If we are honest and modest, we are probably not even aware that a lot of mitzvot lie latent within us, still in a potential state. That’s why mitzvah mentoring is at the heart of this website's intent. We are all just as Jewish tradition describes us—as full of mitzvot as a pomegranate is full of seeds.

The practice and relevance of mitzvah goes far beyond “being a good person,” and beyond its dictionary definition of “commandment,” and even beyond how a given mitzvah is detailed in halachah, Jewish law.

This section teaches about the many mitzvot assei, actions in which to engage to create a better world and a meaningful Jewish life, and the many mitzvot lo taasei, actions from which to refrain, with the same holy intent.

Mitzvot are how holiness happens, every day, in an engaged Jewish life.