Teachings: Distill Wisdom From Torah & Prayer

Much more than a collection of Bible stories,Torah is the Jewish term for the Five Books of Moses. Torah, Talmud, traditional and contemporary commentaries are rivers of wisdom and change. In this section, we will show you many ways to find meaning for yourself through engaging with Jewish sacred text. Before leaving this page, please consider:

Do you believe the entire Torah was given by God in one experience at Mt. Sinai? 
Or are you certain that the Torah is a set of myths and wisdom collected and compiled over time? 

No matter. 

Notice what you feel and realize from reading the text. What comes up for you is your revelation, the torah of your life. Share it. Torah sharing can be a great source of intimacy and meaning. 

The Bible and all of our sacred texts tend to present us with stories of dysfunctional family relationships. Often the most perplexing questions and difficult situations are posed in the Talmud and the many other profound Jewish sources. By confronting us with parallels to our own actions the complexity of issues and outcomes is better revealed in order to help us to evolve into our highest selves. 

Torah and sacred study gives life meaning and direction when your life wisdom and your questions pass through the prism of sacred text, preferably during study time with a close friend or teacher. Jewish prayer and mystical texts provide nutrients for the soul stream so that we can transcend the stress of everyday living, when you know how to understand and apply their metaphors and practices. 

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