Teachings: Deepening Shabbat & Holidays

Sacred time is share-ware. It's free. The only condition is you have to use it before you go, there's no refund at the finish line. Once normal to civilizations, the observance of holy days has become a radical spiritual act of care for yourself, your family and community. The relevance, meaning and beauty of Shabbat and Jewish holy days is provided here in many free articles for you. Before you move to a new page, please consider this:

Are you willing to say to employers, schools, partners and politicians: “Today is set aside as holy, not to be diluted away by overdoses of work, money matters, politics, homework, telephone solicitations, television commercials. This time is my birthright. You can't have it!"

And what if they say: "Take ownership of your own time?! You can't have it! We must use your life to feed our bottom lines!"

Can you imagine yourself joining in leading the spiritual (r)evolution with a response that might sound something like this:

"Oh, no, I won't give all my precious time to you. We Jews build beautiful meaning-making experiences in time,we savor festival meals, engage in soul refining rituals, in order to live consciously, we take time to reflect and refine how we act, how we live, how we love and how we work.

"I am writing the Torah of my life with each fixed day. I want to ripen deliciously in the sun of life, not race whipped to the finish line. I have every right to experience these Jewish holidays in their deepest intentions: nurturing my relationships, celebrating the journey, rejoicing in and respecting the power and diversity of Creation."

And if they say: "No reason to think, no need to reflect. Feel your feelings?! You look up at the stars and express the awe you feel? You stop to question the ethics of your own actions?! 

"You say you're not coming in tomorrow so you can sit with your children or friends in a sukkah and meditate on the fragility of life, the beauty of nature! You're late because you stopped to say a memorial prayer for your parents? 

"Listen, the work ethic is your spiritual model! Our company is your family. What's all this about freedom and Jews?"

And you'll say?................

Counting the Omer: Week Seven Malchut

We continue the Jewish Spiritual Practice of seven weeks of spiritual practices called the Omer between Passover and Shavuot.