Teachings: Calls To Action

Podcast of Mitzvah Project: Gleaning and Glowing

Bmitzvah.org: B Mitzvah! The Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah (R)evolution

Inspiring four minute story of an updated approach to gleaning that adds dignity to the lives of the poor by creatively gleaning and supplying fresh produce to the shelves of the local food bank. A readily replicable mitzvah project perfect for bar and bat mitzvah, youth groups, congregations, etc. Gleaning projects are on the rise world-wide, and may be available for participation in your area.


Code of Respectful Religious Pluralism

Respectful guidelines for Transdenominational Jewish Gatherings

Reclaiming Judaism programs draw together Jews from across the spectrum of Jewish identity, ideology and practice. The kavannah, intention, in being together is to support one another to grow, learn, heal and live as Jews.

We ask that each participant honor, nourish, support, and respect everyone here for the place they currently choose as theirs in the spectrum of Jewish possibility.

Jurying Completed for the Jewish Feminist Songbook

Adding Our Voices: The Torah of Jewish Women in Song


B'nei Mitzvah Specialist Training

B-Mitzvah!(SM) (B’nai Mitzvah) Specialist Training

Guidelines for Contributing Authors for Sara Harwin's Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection

Reclaiming Judaism Press invites written submissions of spiritual reflections on one or more Hebrew word drawn from one of the Hebrew roots below. This will be juried for potential inclusion in exhibition panels and the exhibition book for Sara Harwin's Illuminated Letters: Threads of Connection exhibition.

Call For Submissions: Stories of Reb Zalman

Guidelines for submissions to Stories of Reb Zalman:
    Imagine someone coming up to you saying: "Do you have any Reb Zalman stories to share? I'd love to hear some!" Whatever comes to mind, is what will be considered for inclusion in this volume.

Call For Submissions: The Wisdom of Reb Zalman


Sarasota Sunday Feb 8: Jewish Artists Explore

The Exodus: Metaphor for the Art of Our Lives
February 8, 2015    4-6:30 pm
Location : Zell Room, Jewish Federation,
580 McIntosh Rd., Sarasota, FL

Jewish Artists Explore is a five-part monthly series

Sexual Abuse by a Rabbi

first published in Lilith Magazine

See:https://www.lilith.org/articles/rabbi-shlomo-carlebachs-shadow-side/ xs

Maggid-Educator Training

Maggid-Educator Training:

What Does Judaism Have to Say About Organ Donation?

Depending upon your age, you might remember Jewish tradition on the topic of organ donation as very different from how it actually is today. Once opposed, Jewish law and practice on organ donation has changed dramatically, which is the beauty of Judaism as a living, evolving tradition. Now that organ transplantation is a highly successful way to save a life, organ donation has been deemed an obligatory act, a mitzvah chiyuvit, by every major branch of Judaism.

Now, it is important to note that some Orthodox leaders differ on how to determine the time of death, and prefer a point later than brain death, which results in some organs being rendered unusable but even in that case, the kidneys, barring kidney disease, remain transplantable after death. Accordingly, not to bequeath at least some of your organs has become a transgression of the mitzvah of pikuakh nefesh, “saving a life.”

Judaism and Genetic Testing: Averting Tragedy

Every human grouping has its own genetic disease risks, as do those with Jewish ancestry. Some genetic diseases cause death with great pain or deformity in infancy or early childhood. After having four of his children die in infancy of Tay Sachs disease, an orthodox rabbi, Josef Ekstein founded an

Must Jewish Children Be Vaccinated?

Several years ago a British lawyer fashioned a campaign against vaccines that attributed autism spectrum disorders to vaccination via a hypothetical, never substantiated link to mercury. This fraud, for which he has been convicted, netted him over a million dollars in “expert” testimony. Children and adults have died for lack of immunity to devastating childhood diseases because many well-intentioned parents disseminated his position and that led some parents to refrain from having their children vaccinated.

Tav Hayosher: Seal Advances the Ethics for Keeping Kosher

This article first appeared in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice

Shmuly Yanklowitz, is a valiant, modern orthodox, doctoral student at Columbia University studying Moral Development and Epistemology. He is also Founder and Co-Director of Uri L'Tzedek (Awaken to Justice), an orthodox social justice movement, and he has launched Tav Ha Yosher, which has been much-lauded in the press this past month. The tav, “seal,” certifies that a business is following one important aspect of eco-kashrut, ethical payment of restaurant workers. The term yosher, per the