Cherie Karo Schwartz

Cherie Karo SchwartzMA in Developmental Theater, is a storyteller, author, and educator living in Denver. She serves as a faculty member of the Reclaiming Judaism Maggid-Educator Ordination Program. Cherie has shared stories with audiences of all ages throughout America and abroad for forty years. She shares a kaleidoscope of spirit-filled tales of wishes, wisdom, and wit drawn from worldwide Jewish folklore, sacred texts, family folklore, original stories and modern midrashim. Cherie offers storytelling performances, master classes, workshops and keynotes for conferences, organizations, museums, storytellers, schools, and libraries world-wide. She was co-founding coordinator of the international Jewish Storytelling Network of CAJE, following her heart-friend-in-story Peninnah Schram. Cherie has authored three books, numerous recordings and articles.