Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice

Holy Days and Shabbat
Jewish Lights Publishing

This inspiring guidebook is your wake-up call for understanding the powerful intellectual and emotional tools that are essential for a lively, relevant, and fulfilling Jewish spiritual practice. Designed to become a lifelong resource for holy days and Shabbat, RECLAIMING JUDAISM presents Judaism as an evolving tradition in which you are the entrusted heir. The exercises and practices draw from the foundations of Judaism and empower you to create meaningful, satisfying, contemporary Jewish experiences for how you live today. ISBN 978-1580232050  BUY NOW


"What makes this book special is the array of creative exercises and meditations that highlight the personal and spiritual side of Judaism. It's great for anyone on a spiritual journey, and also an excellent resource for educators and Jewish professionals. Her book makes you feel like you have a personal Jewish teacher or mentor who helps you find your own experience of Judaism."
     --Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan, author, The Jewish Parents Almanac

"Reb Goldie has done us a great service: In her book and in her work in person she helps us to bring heart and soul to our involvement in Jewish life." 
     --Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi, author, First Steps to a News Jewish Spirit

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