Every Day a New Year

Posted by Rabbi Shohama Wiener |

As we approach January 1st, 2013 many of us are making New Year's resolutions. This year I'll eat more mindfully, I'll work out regularly, I'll be more patient, and on and on. But for most of us, it's one step forward and one step back. By the time the month is over, or maybe even the first week, we've become disheartened about our keeping our resolutions.

Fortunately our Jewish tradition gives us a different approach. Each evening is a time for cheshbon hanefesh, a searching of our soul and review of our day, and each morning is a yom chadash, a new day, and a new beginning in God's eyes. This gives me hope, for tomorrow may be the day I succeed in changing a difficult pattern. With God's help, that will be so. And with God's help, may it be so for you, too.

So, Happy Tomorrow!