Advanced Training for Jewish Educators | Supporting the Light Within

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 For principals, teachers, clergy, program staff of Jewish agencies,
 professional Jewish storytellers, free-lance educators and tutors

We are providing three full days of advanced training for Jewish educators* who want to work with a team of master teachers on skills, stories, texts, methods and strategies from the field of Jewish Spiritual Education to prepare and support students to cope and thrive in difficult times. You will receive the tools you need to serve in this age of resurgent anti-Semitism, racism, nationalism, #MeToo, deadly fires and floods, bullying, loss of civility, isolation, exclusion, rising rates of despair, depression, suicide, and so much more. 

Jewish spiritual growth and development requires we understand the importance of preparing our students to go through times of darkness without losing their inner light. The Torah mentions darkness 170 times and we learn in Exodus 20:21 that Moses “approached the darkness because that is where HaElohim is.” Exodus, the Talmud, Isaiah, Rashi, the Bal Shem Tov, the Lubavitcher, and Chernobler rebbes all reveal powerful ways to navigate and overcome inner and societal darkness.

During sessions, you will first experience your soul’s response to the blending of case studies, sacred texts, stories, and methods being presented. You will then be mentored on your own Jewish and professional journey as you try out these approaches to safely support, guide, and inspire your students, families, and communities.

Methods are drawn from Non-Violent Communication, Mussar, InterPlay, Hashpa’ah (Jewish spiritual guidance), Focusing, chevruta, the expressive arts, action, and storytelling as a transformative tool. You will be guided in immediately implementable approaches for one-to-one, units, assemblies ,and community programs. Bring a journal to write in and also bring your questions, experiences, successes, and challenges.


Tuition, Room & Board: $479 [rate is heavily subsidized by serveral foundations.] Kosher, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free meals are available, other special diet needs will be covered upon request. Some scholarship is available.

Location: As pictured, recently built, beautiful, and serene Young Judaea Retreat Center, just outside of Austin, Texas in Wimberley. Austin is one of America's most affordable flight hubs!

*Principals, teachers, clergy, counselors, professional Jewish storytellers, JCC, Jewish agency, camp and program staff


Rabbi Dr. Goldie Milgram, MSW, Founder. Batya Podos, Dean. Cherie Karo Schwartz, Judith Black, Cassandra Sagan, Cathy Schechter, Mindy Shapiro (Maggid-Educator Program), Danny Siegel (B-Mitzvah! Specialist and Maggid-Educator Programs). Faculty Bios

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B-MITZVAH!(SM) (B’nai mitzvah) Specialist Training 
    Begins 2019 after the conference. 8 weeks of Distance Learning
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    Begins with Jan 24-27, 2019 Conference PROGRAM 
    and continues via Distance Learning. 
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The Institute for Jewish Spiritual Education provides professional courses, retreats, and trainings grounded in an inclusive approach to Judaism. Our goal is to move beyond the traditional forms of Jewish education in order to help you inspire and guide your students on life's journey. We train through the lens of applied Jewish wisdom and practice conveyed through the methods of Jewish Spiritual Education. Programs are taught by master teachers and are based upon a body of evolving work honored by the Covenant Foundation, National Jewish Book Council.